THE CLUB formed by Yukako Yamashita is dedicated to presenting international contemporary artists rarely seen in Japan. THE CLUB will focus on organizing group and solo artist exhibitions. It equally specializes in private sales and advises clients on their collecting needs.

Located in Ginza, the center of culture and commerce in Tokyo, THE CLUB aims to be a bridge between the Eastern and Western art worlds, bolstering interest in artists from around the world.

THE CLUB draws its name from the 8th StreetClub, the influential group of abstract artists founded in NY in 1949. Leo Castelli famously staged the 9th Street Exhibition in 1951 with many of the Club’s artists, such as Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, Willem and Elaine de Kooning, Robert Motherwell, Joan Mitchell and Robert Rauschenberg. They invited Daisetz Suzuki, who introduced Zen to Western society, and the Japanese painter Saburo Hasegawa to lecture to club members.

THE CLUB hopes to fulfill its role as a crossing point between East and West, and hope it becomes a place to discover, discuss and enjoy art in all its wonders.