Past Exhibition

THE CLUB Collective: Echoes - For the Future

December 23, 2021 - January 20, 2022

THE CLUB is pleased to announce a charity group exhibition “THE CLUB Collective: Echoes - For the Future".

Since the opening of THE CLUB, we have been active with our belief that art has the power to connect people and the ability to make our world a better place. With all the help and support from those we have met along the way, we will gladly be celebrating our 5th-anniversary next spring. As an event to mark our anniversary, we have decided to organize a charity exhibition that reaffirms the philosophy of the gallery: to contribute to society, exhibiting works of 11 artists that we met over the last five years.

Following the "COVID 19 Relief Fund" held in April last year, we want to raise awareness of the importance of creating a sustainable system for our next generation. The core to a sustainable cycle lies in equality and we believe that equal access to education is the foundation to a bright future. Therefore, we decided to hold a charity exhibition that aims to help eliminating educational disparities to create a foundation where all children can deepen their knowledge equally and allow them to make their own choices rather than the choices made by elimination due to specific social positions and disparities.

For this project, 10% of each sale will be donated to a certified non-profit organization, Kidsdoor, which resonated with our philosophy as it has been supporting children's education and faced the social issue of "children's poverty" in Japan ever since 2007. It provides free learning supports and places to stay for children in economically difficult families. Through this exhibition, I hope that the power of art will enrich your hearts and minds. At the same time, we can work together to provide opportunities for the children who will lead the nextgeneration in the art world. We also hope that the awareness of compassion through art, in other words, social contribution, will take deeper root in our society.

Participating artists
Detanico Lain Angela Detanico (1974 –) and Rafael Lain (1973 –) are French–Brazilian artist duo living and working in Paris.
Hiroka Yamashita (b.1991) Born in Hyogo prefecture. Currently based in Okayama prefecture.
Kour Pour (b.1987) Born in Exeter, England. Currently based in Los Angeles.
Masakatsu Kondo (b.1962) Born in Aichi prefecture. Currently based in London.
Mayuko Ose (b.1996) Born in Kanagawa prefecture. Currently based in Tokyo.
Naoya Inose (b.1988) Born in Kanagawa prefecture. Currently based in London.
Nicholas Hatfull (b.1984) Born in Tokyo. Currently based in London.
Oliver Beer (b.1985) Born in London. Currently based in London and Paris.
Pierre-Elie de Pibrac (b.1983) Born in Paris. Currently based in Paris.
Ryan Sullivan (b.1983) Born in New York. Currently based in New York.
Yojiro Imasaka (b.1983) Born in Hiroshima prefecture. Currently based in New York.

Where is my home?

Naoya Inose


Oil, acrylic on linen

28 x 35.8 cm

Shades of Recollection #3

Yojiro Imasaka


Gelatin Silver Print

119 x 137 cm


Mayuko Ose



130.3 x 162 cm

Cyanotype drawing for Composition for Mouths (Songs My Mother Taught Me) Ⅲ

Oliver Beer


Cyanotype and white chalk

70.5 x 60.5 cm


Kour Pour


Acrylic on paper

82.5 x 63 cm

MOUNTAIN (Blue Spectrum 01s)

Masakatsu Kondo


Oil on canvas

60 x 80 cm


Detanico Lain


Pigment ink on kozo awagami white paper 110g

85 x 58 cm

Croissant Umbrella - Skyline

Nicholas Hatfull


Acrylic gouache and spray paint on linen

83 x 103 cm

Catharsis #8

Pierre-Elie de Pibrac


Hahnemühle Ultra Smooth, coal pigments,print made 2021

102 x 77 cm


Hiroka Yamashita


Oil on linen

41 x 31.8 cm

Walking Together

Hiroka Yamashita


Oil and acrylic on canvas

100 x 75 cm


Ryan Sullivan


Water color and enamel on paper

59.8 x 49.8 cm