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Past Exhibition


Enrico Castellani, Taizo Kuroda, Piero Manzoni

July 27, 2020 - August 15, 2020

Nullus - The translation of this Latin word is "zero" or "none", but it could also mean "everything" by simply adding non to the end it "nullus non". The programming word "null", as well as the art movement, "The Dutch Nul Group" both originate from "nullus".

This exhibition examines the signification of white (uncolor) by taking a close look into the works by three artists, Taizo Kuroda, Pierro Manzoni, and Enrico Castellani, and how they used it to explore what goes beyond material word. Japan's leading ceramist, Taizo Kuroda transcended the ordinary objects into the conceptual state. On the other hand, Europe's leading conceptual artist, Pierro Manzoni, created a series of paintings named "Achrome" by using Chinese clay, a material traditionally used in ceramics. Enrico Castellani was fascinated by Manzoni's "Achrome" series and he has taken the idea further and developed his own series so called "light paintings".

Kuroda turned everyday objects such as cylinders, flower vases and platters into the purest of white forms to the point where they are almost no longer usable. Manzoni attempted to release paintings from any narrative content by removing colors. And Castellani eliminated any sign of the artist's hand, and made patters of shadows on white surface into art.

Interestingly, what these there artists have in common despite the completely different art approach is the use of "uncolor" to go beyond the physicality. It resulted creating works that are so close to nothingness, which a state of world that is also everything.

We hope this exhibition will allow you to enjoy and wonder into uncolored world through works by these artists from East and West.

*Piero Manzoni's work will be on view until 30th July.

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Enrico Castellani, Taizo Kuroda, Piero Manzoni