Naoya Inose, Dream Catcher

Past Exhibition

Unforlding Artist's Mind

October 1, 2020 - October 16, 2020

THE CLUB is pleased to present a special exhibition "Unfolding Artist's Mind".

Throughout the production process, artists spend most of their time not only in creating their works but also in researching and inputting. Their works are often the result of actively questioning their surroundings, the world, and their relationship with them. This exhibition features the works of five artists, Claudia Peña Salinas, Daan Van Golden, Detanico Lain, Naoya Inose, and Nicholas Hatfull, along with publications related to their works and interests. The exhibition is an excellent opportunity for you to unfold the artists' minds and immerse yourself in a space that exemplifies the artists thought process. Come on in and join us on a 45-minute journey at the gallery, read some books and hopefully be able to reimagine yourself being the artists!

To ensure everyone’s health and safety, THE CLUB is now opened by appointment only.
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Daan Van Golden, Nicholas Hatfull, Naoya Inose, Detanico Lain, Claudia Peña Salinas, John Zurier

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